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  WINTER 2022

  • All registrations will be accepted on a first-come basis. You may mail or e-mail your registrations. Your place will not be guaranteed until payment is received.

  • In the event that we reach our class maximum on the first day of registration, all names will be put into a hat and drawn randomly.

  • We have estimated the costs on the basis of a minimum number or students per class. We reserve the right to cancel any class that has insufficient numbers.

  • Except in the case of a class cancellation, your fee cannot be refunded, as workshops will all be recorded.

Registrations are accepted on a first come, first serve basis.


Payments can be made by:

- E-transfer to

- Cash

- Cheque (NO post-dated cheques. Please provide a separate payment for each workshop. Cheques will be deposited the week prior to the workshop)

- Credit card (via Square at meetings)

Download the winter 2023 brochure here

Every Letter Is A Jewel (Part 2)
With Julie Wildman

When: Saturday, January 14, 2023

9:00 am-4:00 pm 

Instructor: Julie Wildman

Where: Wherever you feel comfortable- Class will be held via ZOOM

Cost: Members $60



Prerequisite: Part 1 of this class is required prerequisite.  It was offered in October 2022 and was free to all members.  The recording of this class is still available to view.

You will need:

Everything from the Day 1 Supply List (copy sent in previous email & button below) plus:


  • A Small tipped embossing tool-or you can use the tip of a paint brush or penholder


  • 2-3 tubes or bottles of your favorite watercolors

  • 2-3 tubes of gouache

  • one inexpensive flat (1/8") watercolor brush for applying color

  • one inexpensive pointed watercolor brush for applying color

  • 6 well paint palette

  • tube of metallic gold watercolor (e.g. Schmincke Horadam Gold, Daniel Smith Iridescent Gold, Finetec etc)

  • OPTIONAL- Metallic dry gouache pigment to sprinkle into wet media. Brands include Schmincke Aqua Bronze Powder or Pearl Ex Powdered Pigments


We will work with what you did on Day 1, and will add a few more letters using wet on wet techniques. If you need more paper then just add another half sheet of the following:

  • Arches Text Wove OR any hot press watercolor paper

  • Arches Black Cover OR Artagain Black OR Rives BFK Black

Filagrees : A First Glance
With Benoit Furet


Saturdays, February 11 and 18, 2023

10 am- 12 pm via Zoom (Recording will be available) 


Instructor:  Benoit Furet

Where: Wherever you feel comfortable. This class is                         offered via Zoom

Cost: 50 Euros before January 31, 2023

         60 Euros after February 1, 2023

Registration available through Benoit's Zoom account:

Also called the threads of the Virgin, filigrees have been used from the end of the Roman period to the beginning of the Renaissance. These ornaments are based on the stylisation of plant shapes. Made with pointed nibs, these patterns are numerous during the Gothic period.

During this course, we will study a generic type of filigree present throughout Europe in the 14th century and see how to fill large spaces with basic pattern variations, how to adorn initials with borders and how to invade the margins with antennas. The last part of the course will be dedicated to modern variations and layout to build XXIst century initials from these medieval techniques:


  • Sharp pencil and eraser

  • Paper to take notes

  • Watercolor paper for work with a nib

  • Any ink or paint

  • Any pointed nib, stiff one (Benoit prefers to atome 1423 but any pointed nib would work)

Super Saturday
With Linda Fulton & Jeanine Alexander


Saturday, April 22, 2023 

9 am- 4 pm 

Instructors:  Linda Fulton & Jeanine Alexander

This class is suitable for all levels

Where: TBD Limited space available

Cost: Members $55

          Non-members $70

Price includes a catered lunch

Whimsical and Wonky Houses with Linda Fulton

Enjoy a half day learning how to create fun whimsical and wonky houses using drawing tips and a few Zentangle techniques.  See how your creations can be used in a variety of ways to create cards and more and how they can be combined with some drawn alphabets.

Colle Cards with Jeanine Alexander

Working from watercolor floral practice sheets, Jeanine stumbled upon a technique for using them to create unique cards. After taking a collage/calligraphy class, Jeanine named the cards COLLE...which simply means "paste".  She uses a paper trimmer and paste.  A painting is intentionally transformed into new original art.

One Stroke Letters with Decoration
With Yukimi Annand


Saturdays, May 6 & 13, 2023

9:30 am- 12 pm MST via Zoom

Recording will be available if you are unable to attend live

Cost: Members $60

          Non-members $75

Where: Zoom

Instructor:  Yukimi Annand

In this workshop we will play with line, shape and movement by creating on-stroke letters based on Roman capital letters. Our form development will be contemporary rather than traditional, and we will play with decorative patterns and colors, in harmony.

The first half of the class: making variations of one-stroke letters based on Roman capitals with pencils and fine-line markers. Then we will move to a ruling pen and/or folded pen to draw them with Sumi ink. We will try to get a nice balance on each letter, and write words and text with rhythm and movement. We will apply different decorative patterns based on historical and nature forms on the letters.

The second half of the class: we will apply colors on the letters and finalize one to two words or initial plates on good quality paper. We will also practice another form of one-stroke letters influenced by works of Hans Schmidt, and write several words with them with decoration.

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